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Moldova Woman Learns About American Pharmacies Through Exchange Program

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RALEIGH — Sister city and country programs are designed to help share insight and ideas between very different cultures. Raleigh's sister is Moldova, a small country in Eastern Europe. This unique sisterhood is giving one woman the opportunity of a lifetime.

Many people may be used to pharmacies in grocery stores, but it is a whole new world for Liliana Bradu. She has traveled all the way from Moldova as part of an exchange program to learn more about American pharmacies. For her, the differences are night and day.

"When I arrived, I arrive like in another planet. There are very good and kind people around me," she said.

Things like computerized records and even prescription refills are unheard of in her country.

"She was astounded that people bring prescriptions in. There's no refills over there. Everything is cash, and there is no insurance at all," said pharmacist Linda Franco.

In our country, medications usually come from one wholesaler. In Moldova, Liliana has to go through 10 countries to get her drugs.

"Unfortunately, we don't have this kind of distribution in our country. We have over 250 distribution companies," she said.

Even then, it takes weeks of examination to see if the drugs are legit and not expired. Bradu already has a list of things she wants to do when she returns to Moldova, but she knows any radical changes will take time.

"It's very difficult for us to change. We have to do little things," she said.

Bradu and the rest of the Moldovans in the exchange program are spending this weekend at Wrightsville Beach. After that, she will spend time in Durham and Chapel Hill learning more about pharmacies.


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