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Knightdale Dilemma: Feathered Friends or Dirty Ducks?

People in a Knightdale neighborhood have firm and opposing opinions on whether water birds are a burden or a blessing.

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KNIGHTDALE, N.C. — Where there is water, there often are waterfowl.

And sometimes — as in Knightdale — people cry foul when waterfowl multiply, waddle across their yards and leave messes behind.

For every neighbor who doesn't like the ducks and geese, however, there's one who does.

Jesse Wiggins lives along in a little yellow house in Myrick Downs. It can be lonely, but he does have a large gaggle of friends to keep him company.

“I get along with them good. I think they're nice,” Wiggins said.

He affectionately calls the white ones "neck," but others call them pains in the neck.

“Well, the poop is very annoying. It's everywhere,” said resident Alex Scott.

Alex is 12, and she unofficially speaks for others who are reluctant to stick their necks out too far. As neighbors, they fear destroying the peace. And besides, fighting the flock has them pooped.

“It gets in your shoes and it's kind of nasty,” Alex said.

The disagreement is like throwing a stone in a pond. The complaints have rippled all the way to the town of Knightdale, which has no waterfowl ordinance. The only thing the town can do is suggest ways to get rid of the ducks — and maybe try to smooth some ruffled feathers.

“While sympathetic, we don't really have any enforcement power,” said Seth Lawless, assistant town manager.

Kim Trexler lives in the neighborhood, too.

“I'm sure the complaints are valid and they have their reasons for it, but I think overall, I find them to be relaxing,” Trexler said.

Ava Trexler is sure of her opinion.

“They're fun to play with,” she declared.

It's feed 'em or fight 'em, like 'em or hate 'em, sink or swim.


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