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Renovated, Expanded N.C. Aquarium To Open In Two Months

Posted March 15, 2006 3:06 a.m. EST

— The

North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores

has been closed for two years while undergoing a major expansion.

In about two months, the new aquarium near Atlantic Beach will reopen to the public after a $25 million renovation.


The expansion triples the size of the aqarium, making room for more exhibits and visitors.

The state is expecting visitor numbers to swell to twice what they once were.

One part of the aquarium will feature a crystal-clear, 306,000 gallon tank with a 70-foot submarine inside.

There will also be a replica of Blackbeard's wrecked ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge.

Throughout the aquarium, there will be 3,000 fish on display and nearly 40 exhibits, including those featuring river otters, mountain trout, jellyfish and more.