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Tractor-Trailer Drivers Charged In Accident Involving City Buses

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FAYETTEVILLE — The drivers of the two tractor-trailers involved in aaccident in Fayetteville Thursday have been charged.

Mitchell Headon and Matthew Dewitt of Carolina Tank Lines are each charged with failure to reduce speed.

The two 18-wheelers, which were hauling gravel, crashed into two city buses at a bus stop on Murchison Road.

Police say two buses were stopped, exchanging passengers when one truck came up and hit the first bus in the rear end and caused a chain reaction to the second bus. Before the scene was cleared, a second 18-wheeler hit the truck involved in the original accident.

"It sounded like a big explosion," said Jeremicus Porter, who saw what happened when he was coming out of the Family Life Center on Murchison Road.

Twelve people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries; eight of those were passengers, the others were the drivers of the buses and trucks.

There were no passengers on the second bus that was hit.

Many who travel or work along Murchison Road are not surprised that the accident happened. In fact, some city council members have expressed concern about 18-wheelers on the road.

Council Member D.J. Haire asked the

Department of Transportation

to change the road from a primary road to a secondary route.

The DOT denied the request last month.

Still, business owner, Willie Chavis says something needs to be done.

"There's no respect when these truckers come from different states and areas driving on this highway. It's not an interstate. It's abusiness district," he says.