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Cary To Expand City's Greenways

Posted June 6, 2001 6:08 a.m. EDT

— We all know how fast the town of Cary is growing. Soon there will be a new reminder that the town is also committed to preserving green space: Cary's most popular place to walk, jog, and roller blade is about to grow.

Pat Clark walks four miles a day, almost every day of the week. Her favorite spot is the Black Creek Trail in Cary.

"I used to walk somewhere else, but I prefer it over here because it's more peaceful. You can commune more with nature, reflect on spiritual things."

Clark is not the only one who likes to commune with nature along the Black Creek Trail. The 2.5 mile trail is Cary's most popular greenway.

"Particularly on weekends and after dinner, it's constant. Every few seconds when you're out here, there are people using it all the time."

Soon all those people will have even more room to roam. The Black Creek Trail is about to be extended south another mile to hook up with Godbold Park, a planned skatepark there, and West Cary Middle School.

"It'll be a wider trail, so it'll be able to handle more people and we're hoping it'll be a more pleasurable experience for rollerbladers, and joggers and things like that."

Many people are just glad to see it finally happen. The $500,000 project is two years behind schedule. Several factors are blamed, including stricter state and local permitting rules. While some users have been counting the days, others are finding it a nice surprise.

The enthusiasm will grow when the town breaks ground in a couple of months. The town also plans to add an additional six miles to the trail, to eventually link Umstead State Park and the American Tobacco Trail.


Laurie Clowers