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Jury Deliberates Fate Of Man Found Guilty Of Killing Enfield Police Officer

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HALIFAX — A Halifax County jury has found Douglas Travis guilty of killing Enfield police officer Tonya Gillikin in 1999 and now must decide whether he should die for the crime.

The jury found Travis guilty on six counts, including first-degree murder, when the verdict was returned Wednesday morning.

The deliberations were not without incident. On Tuesday afternoon, one of the jurors became ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. Previously, the jury sent the judge a note that it was hopelessly deadlocked by a vote of 11 to 1.

Defense attorneys believe the one juror was forced into returning a guilty verdict.

"The pressure of being in a jury room with 11 people who think they're right and one person who perceives herself to be right over time caused her to have an anxiety attack and over time caused her to determine it's not worth it to my health to continue to strive against these people," says attorney Theresa Smallwood. "I think her decision was changed as a result."

Travis' lawyers say officials have the wrong man.

Sentencing began Wednesday afternoon and continues Thursday. The state has not decided whether it will present evidence. The defense will present evidence, including family members, to paint a picture of who they believe Douglas Travis really is.

The verdict means Travis could receive the death penalty.


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