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Consumer Reports Puts Detergent Tablets To The Test

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RALEIGH — We spend more than $5 billion a year on laundry detergents.Consumer Reportstested some new additions to the detergent aisle to see how they measured up.

In addition to liquid and powder, more companies are now offering detergent in tablet form that promises to get out stubborn stains. To find out whether those claims prove true,Consumer Reportswashed load after load of laundry using both liquid and tablet forms of Wisk and Tide detergent.

Testers dirtied laundry with everything from motor oil to make-up, and then they compared the items with laundry washed in the liquid forms of the detergents. Both Wisk and Tide tablets were easy to use and dissolved rapidly. In the end, the tablets were effective on tough stains, but the liquids were actually better overall.

Testers then checked the detergent's ability to keep colors from running. They washed white swatches with red swatches. The tests showed that with the Tide tables, the white swatches turned bright pink.

A final consideration should be the cost. Tablets and liquids are expensive, while powders cost a lot less. In the end,Consumer Reportsgave high marks to both Tide with bleach and Cheer with bleach.

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