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City's First Female City Manager Starts Work In Durham

Posted June 4, 2001 3:48 a.m. EDT

— Durham's new city manager is on the job for the first time Monday.

Marcia Conner met with other city leaders at a morning press conference.

Conner says instead of plunging head first into various projects, she wants to get a feel for the city first.

Durham's city manager says crime, transportation and smart growth are on the top of her agenda.

"A few of those individuals, I hope to speak to and set up meetings with them to see where they are and where the movement is in terms of some of those projects. Just sort of analyze them and see what we can do as a city to help spark tham and get them moving along," she says.

Conner says it is vital that projects like the American Tobacco Complex and the performing arts center stay on track.

Conner is the first woman to hold the post.