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Do You Need To Take A Multi-Vitamin?

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RALEIGH — Health experts agree the best way to give your body the nutrients you need to prevent disease is through a well-balanced diet. But what if you are not always able to eat as healthfully as you would like?

Hectic schedules, eating on the run, and no time to cook make eating well a challenge. So when your diet just does not measure up nutritionally, you may need to consider a multivitamin-mineral supplement.

Only two out of five adults take a supplement and that means that many people are not getting the nutrients they need.

That is a real concern because vitamins and minerals not only give you the nutrients you need for your body to function properly, those same nutritional gems are a powerful ally in the fight against stroke, heart attack, cancer, even aging.

Some researchers suggest that something as simple as taking a multivitamin-mineral every day could add as many as six years to your life.

Some people are at greater risk of not getting enough vitamins and minerals.

You may need a supplement if:

  • You eat the same foods day after day.
  • You often skip meals or snacks.
  • You follow a low calorie eating plan.
  • You are a "chronic" dieter.
  • You are elderly and food just does not appeal to you.
  • You skip dairy products or eliminate any single group of foods.
  • You are a strict vegetarian or you are a female of child-bearing years and you do not eat enough fruits and vegetables.
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