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Ceremony Raises Awareness Of Need For More Veteran Facilities

Posted June 2, 2001 12:27 p.m. EDT

— Memorial Day may be over, but ceremonies to remember those who fought for our freedom continue. At the State Veterans Nursing Home in Fayetteville, people celebrated their accomplishments in a special way.

Young soldiers met with older veterans in a ceremony at the State Veterans Nursing Home. World War II veteran William Brewer and Fort Bragg soldier Willie Pressley have more in common than they thought. Brewer used to fire a Howitzer while Pressley works with them today.

"I appreciate being around them [the veterans]. They've done so much for us," Pressley says.

The State Veterans Nursing Home is the only one in the state. Thursday's ceremony was also about raising awareness of the need for more facilities.

"We must care for the living and make sure the comfort of the living is taken care of. That way, we satisfy the dedication of those who have gone in battle before us," says Charlie Smith of the North Carolina Division of Veteran Affairs.

Plans are under way to build another nursing home in Salisbury. There are 6,500 North Carolina veterans currently in need of long-term health care.