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Church Destroyed In Weekend Storms

Posted May 30, 2001 6:22 a.m. EDT

— First Hurricane Floyd, now a damaging spring storm. The people of Seven Springs Baptist Church have to wonder: what next?

Two years ago, flood waters from Hurricane Floyd filled their sanctuary. It took three months to repair the damage.

Now this week, a storm destroyed part of theirnewchurch that is under construction.

"One lady said 'well, it's just another bump in the road,'" says Cynthia Summerlin, whose husband, Ashley, is the pastor of the church, "and I thought ah! But now I look back it's not as bad as it could have been."

"I don't know what else is going to happen to me that's bad or to our church that's bad," says Reverend Summerlin. "I'm still holding onto my faith and I believe that on down the road, the Bible assures us that we're going to have more blessings that ever. So, I'm expecting the double blessings now. I'm ready for them."

In spite of wind and high water, members say the church will go on.

"This is going to delay us probably a month, that's what we're thinking," says church member Shelton Moore, "but yes we're excited. We're going to remain excited."

The storm means short-term and long-term changes for the congregation. In the long term, they had hoped to be in by Christmas, and probably won't now. In the short term, the topic for this week's Bible study just changed.

"Jesus Christ went to Calvary for me," says Pastor Summerlin, "for me. How can I not hold onto my faith? I know that God will keep his promises."

The church members will have to absorb the loss, because they did not have insurance on the building project. This week's storm did spare the education building and fellowship hall that are also under construction.