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Durham City Manager's Office Gets Upgrade

Posted May 29, 2001 8:47 a.m. EDT

— Durham officials say they have nothing to hide when it comes to the new $500,000 city manager's office.

The renovation includes a new kitchen, new furniture and offices for support staff. The city manager has re-upholstered furniture, and he also gets a tiled shower.

Councilwoman Mary Jacobs believed the city manager's office needed the upgrade, although she and several colleagues had a problem with the price tag of the project.

"There could have been some short cuts to things that were done, but at this point, it's not that we can go back to undo them, so I think that what we have to do is to just realize the positives of this and move forward," she says.

The original estimate for the project was $480,000, but a recent estimate indicates it was more expensive than that. The office had not received any major renovations in 30 years.