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Wake County Animal Shelter To Get New Home

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WAKE COUNTY — TheSPCA of Wake Countyis working towards building a new facility that will help every animal in it scare get a happy home.

A 24-acre lot off Tryon Road will be its new home, more than doubling the size of the current facility.

"The new facility is going to be structured, so that almost three times as many animals are on display to the public at any given time, which will improve their chances for adoption," says Mondy Lamb of the SPCA of Wake County.

The SPCA has to raise $4.3 million by the end of June to start construction next year. It is almost halfway there. Cary, Garner and Raleigh have reached out to the SPCA, pledging just over $1 million.

"To make sure our animals are sheltered properly and handled properly, our history with the SPCA was good. So we decided to go with them," says Lawrence Wray, Raleigh assistant town manager.

The new center will have a dog park, trails and an obedience center.

"With a little education, which our obedience center will provide, education for both the animals and the people, we can help strengthen that bond and keep that animal that we adopt into that home," Lamb says.

The SPCA hopes to make its new shelter "no kill" by 2006.

Anyone wishing to donate money to help build the new shelter can call919-722-2392.


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