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Busy Fayetteville Road Worries Resident, Police

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FAYETTEVILLE — A busy road in Fayetteville is calling attention to a serious problem: traffic-related deaths.

Two people died on Reilly Road earlier this week almost breaking the record for accident deaths so far this year. One woman says something has to be done.

Each time Cathy Cmelo gets in her car and drives out of her subdivision, she prays she will not get into an accident.

"I can be going 45 miles per hour and I've got people running up on my bumper, honking their horn," she says.

Cmelo lives in the Glen Reilly neighborhood off Reilly Road.

A wreath marks the spot where two people died on this road in a car accident earlier this week.

"Every day between three and six o'clock the traffic is just terrible," Cmelo says.

Police say accidents on roads such as Reilly Road have not increased but have gotten more dangerous. So far this year there have been 13 traffic-related fatalities in Fayetteville. That is more than any other year at this time.

"Speed is really a major problem for us, and also careless and reckless and driving road rage. People don't care," says Lt. Gary Scearce of the Fayetteville Police Department.

That is why Reilly Road is high on the police departments's priority list for weekly patrols. But Scearce says the best way to avoid an accident is up to you: by taking your time and watching out for those drivers around you.

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