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Army Survey Shows Personnel Not Happy

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FAYETTEVILLE — The Army has released a new survey it conducted to measure how soldiers feel about their jobs. The survey shows deep dissatisfaction with working and living conditions.

However, some soldiers at a Fayetteville restaurant seem satisfied.

"We're lucky that they've been so good to us," says a soldier's wife.

"This is Zachariah, and this is Elijah. He's a week old," says her husband, introducing his children. "I've been in Kosovo for 4 1/2 months and missed the birth of my child. Thinking about it makes me emotional, but as long as I know she's back here praying for me, I'm good."

Not everyone is as happy as this couple.

Seventy-three percent said they could not properly balance Army and family life; 66 percent said quality of life was unacceptable; 69 percent said Army housing was inadequate.

"It's very nice," says another soldier in the restaurant. "I would have loved to live that well in college. My dorm was terrible."

"I like it a lot. It's a new experience for me," says another.

Another soldier is philosophical about his job and the stresses it places on family life. "I think it comes with the territory," he says. "It's not an 8-5 business. It's a business where there are risks and demands, and it does create a great demand on family life and some are able to handle it better than others."

The survey is one of the most extensive ever conducted by the Army. The Army says they are taking the results very seriously and says they have worked to improve the quality of life for soldiers.