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Wake School Board Makes Changes To Reassignment Proposal

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The Wake County Board of Education made a number of changes to the county's largest-ever reassignment plan Wednesday, overall, decreasing the number of students affected only by about a few hundred.

The changes, which affect students at all grade levels, however, don't mean students will necessarily get to stay at their current schools.

"It's hard to make everyone happy," said school board member Ron Margiotta. "But it's important that we do everything we can to keep families intact because we know the kind of growth we're seeing in the other areas that they're being moved to that they'll be back in two years."

Some students who were scheduled to be reassigned are now staying at their current school, and in some cases, new students are now being transferred to different schools.

Based on the latest changes, for example, four nodes -- or groups of students -- will now remain at Stough Elementary School.

The most affected middle school is East Millbrook, where two nodes are now staying put. And at the high-school level, Broughton High will hold on to seven nodes and Millbrook High will keep 10 -- the most students of any school at any grade level.

That's great news for some parents who were fighting to keep her children in their neighborhood. But for many other parents, the uphill battle continues.

Kevin O'Brien said the reassignment battle has become like a second job.

"It's a tremendous amount of information to pull together and make it gel and hopefully get the attention of the board people," he said.

None of the school board's decisions are final. It is set to vote on the entire plan March 21.


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