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Halifax Co. Town Offers Reward For Accused Rapist's Capture

Posted March 8, 2006 11:08 a.m. EST

— The town of Scotland Neck bills itself as a great place to live, but the recent rape of a young woman has shaken the small farming Halifax County community.

And, as deputies search for 45-year-old William Skolsky, the town is trying to understand why he may have turned violent on a friend.

When Skolsky finished a 14-year sentence for kidnapping at nearby Caledonia Prison, a local church group offered him shelter, money and a job.

"He took this hand and pretty much bit it," said Det. Bobby Martin with the Halifax County Sheriff's Office.

The investigation shows that Skolsky became friends with the church group. He stole their money and their possessions.

And he's charged with raping one of its members at her house before daybreak when she had gone outside to walk her dog.

"What it looked like, he surprised her totally, knew there would be no one else at home, came from behind out of nowhere, according to the victim and placed a knife in her back and forced her into the home," Martin said.

The victim declined WRAL's request for an interview, but confirmed she recognized Skolsky when he stepped in front of her.

Scotland Neck has set up a reward fund of more than $1,000 in hopes the offer of money will lead to Skolsky's capture.

In addition to the citizens' reward, Halifax County CrimeStoppers is also putting up $1,000 for information leading to an arrest.

"It does hurt a loving close-knit community, like Scotland Neck, that's so use to helping anyone in need," said Scotland Neck Mayor Robert Partin. "You know, he totally obliterated that trust"