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Four More People Charged In Cumberland After-School Fight

Posted March 8, 2006 9:12 a.m. EST

— Four more people who were allegedly involved in a fight at a Cumberland County high school on Monday face charges.

When investigators arrived at Seventy-First High School on Monday, they said some students were throwing punches in the bus parking lot. Five people have already been charged in connection with the incident

A warrant was obtained Tuesday for the arrest of 37-year old Savanya Hall. Authorities say she is the mother of one of the students who was taken into custody for fighting on campus. Hall is expected to turn herself into sheriff's deputies.

Chanadette Sappa, a 16-year-old student at the school, was issued a citation for inciting a riot. Twenty-year-old Tatiana Bello was issued a citation for disorderly conduct and misdemeanor rioting.

A 15-year-old juvenile, whose name will not be released, is a student at the school and has also been charged with inciting a riot.