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Seniors Find Community In Fearrington Village

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CHATHAM COUNTY — Where you live may have a lot to do with how old you are.U.S. Censusfigures show college towns like Boone and Buies Creek have the youngest median age in North Carolina. The community with the oldest average age is Fearrington Village, located in the Triangle.

"Most people here are retired," says Jim McLean.

Retired but not tired.

"We all play golf. A lot of us are 70, 80 years old you know," says McLean.

Fearrington Village was built with active, seasoned citizens in mind.

"That's what we've been about for the last 30 years," says R.B. Fitch.

Fitch turned 640 acres of farm land into a village with older people in mind.

"Up to now," says Fitch, "people that have worked for companies have been told where to live, and now this is one time in their life you can live anywhere you want to live."

U.S. Census figures show in North Carolina, the oldest median age of any one community is at Fearrington Village.

"I contribute to that. I'm 75," says McLean, laughing.

"Well (we're only seniors) in years. Everyone here is very youthful. I mean, ta da," says Betty Sher, laughing and presenting herself.

There is no age requirement to buy a home at Fearrington Village, and not everyone qualifies for senior discounts.

"I love to see the school buses come in every day to pick up children, so there are children who live here," says Sher.

Seniors clearly hold the majority and for some, that is a good thing.

"Young people bother us old fogies a litte bit you know," says McLean. "People of our generation have a totally different value system than the younger people have now, you know, and we like being around people who understand that."

"You can buy a house anywhere. But you can't buy a community. And that's what Fearrington is. It's a really wonderful, strong community," says Sher.

Fearrington Village is currently working with Duke University to build a continuing care facility.

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