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Raleigh Rally Pushes For More School Funding

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RALEIGH — About 250 people attended a rally in downtown Raleigh Wednesday afternoon to support a 5-cents tax increase. They say the Wake County schools need another $30 million next year. The grass roots group, called Strengthen Our Schools, says that the money will mean quality teachers and quality schools.

They say it is time to act to ensure quality schools, classrooms, and teachers in Wake County. The schools are asking for $30 million for operating costs, teacher pay, and better learning opportunities for students.

"Well, we're going to continue our campaign to let the commissioners know that we're willing to have increased taxes if that means our school will have more funding", says Virginia Parker of Strengthen Our Schools. "We will continue to write and plan on being at the public forum on June 4, and making sure that they see our green ribbons, and that they know we're out there in force to support the tax increase."

The group is encouraging all Wake County residents to join a letter writing campaign in support of the tax hike. They argue that the schools have been underfunded for too long, and they are willing to help pick up the tab.