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Triangle Ford Owners Rush To Get Replacement Tires

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RALEIGH — Since Ford decided to replace at least 13 million Firestone tires, drivers have flooded to area dealerships to get a new set of wheels.

One by one, Firestone Wilderness AT tires are coming off vehicles at Capital Ford in Raleigh. In its first day, the tire replacement campaign is already on a rapid roll.

From the moment employees arrived at work Wednesday, customers were calling. By noon, hundreds of names were jotted over several lists, waiting to be prioritized.

Karen Virgil was one of the first to get replacement tires. She happened to have a service appointment scheduled, and because her tires had 36,000 miles on them, technicians replaced them immediately.

"I really was kind of hesitant about driving it out of town those weekend. I'm glad they were able to accommodate me," she says.

Mileage determines whose tires are replaced first.

"Anything over 30,000 miles on it, we're going to try to get in as quickly as possible. If it has less than 30,000 we're going to ask you to be a little bit patient, and we're going to get to you in a very short period of time," says Peter Duerksen of Capital Ford.

Those who do not want to wait anywhere from one to two weeks can pay an authorized dealer to do the job.

Ford will reimburse owners up to $110 per 15- and 16-inch tire and up to $130 for 17-inch tires on itslist of approved replacements.

Complete recall and refund information can be found on theFord Firestone Wilderness AT Website.

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