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Wayne County Detective Pleads Guilty To Having Sex With Inmates

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WAYNE COUNTY — A former Wayne County detective is going to jail for having sex with inmates.

Forty-nine-year-old Bobby Braswell will spend 90 days in prison, five years on supervised probation and give up any future in law enforcement. The former Wayne County detective pleaded guilty to four felony charges involving sex with female inmates.

Debbie Shivar, who is related to two of the victims, says she is glad the incident is over.

"They have been drug through the mud and hopefully, they can put this behind them and go on, you know, with their life," she says.

Prosecutors say that in 1999, Braswell called inmates into his office and asked for sex. When the allegations surfaced, Sheriff Carey Winders asked the SBI to investigate.

In a written statement, Winders said he knew the investigation would be an unpleasant experience for the office, but insisted the matter needed to be addressed and resolved. He added that he will not tolerate unethical conduct from any employee.

"Sometimes whenever you've got on a shirt and tie, some people seems to think you can get by with things, which is not right," Shivar says.

Winders also hopes the people of Wayne County will see past this incident. He says one person's actions do not reflect on the professionalism of his entire department. He says his current employees will continue to treat people in a courteous, responsible and professional manner.

More than 100 potential jurors showed up for the case - only to be turned away when Braswell agreed to plead guilty.


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