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Fort Bragg Kicks Off All-American Week

Posted May 21, 2001 8:38 a.m. EDT

— Soldiers are working hard to honor tradition at Fort Bragg as the 82nd Airborne Division kicked off All-American Week.

More than 14,000 soldiers took to the streets early Monday morning for the division run. By midmorning, they were on the obstacle course and soccer fields. The week is about celebrating the history of 82nd soldiers and recognizing its veterans.

Former paratroopers such as Richard Rodriguez come from miles away to take part.

"I'm glad to come. I'm going to come every year as long as I'm breathing. This is what it means to me. To be with my friends and to be here, you just can't explain it," he says.

This year, the division is honoring the 10-year anniversary of veterans who served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm.