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Raleigh Firefighters Have Extra Set Of Eyes To Help Save Lives

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RALEIGH — Raleigh firefighters have an extra pair of eyes, butthese eyes seethrough smoke and can actually help save lives.

They are now using thermal imaging cameras to find peoplein smoke-filledbuildings where visibility is close to zero. Thecamera does not just detectpeople but also hot spots such as the fire's source.

"Before the camera, we had very limited visibility. Wewould actuallyhave to physically cover every portion of this room bycrawling andtouching," says Captain Mike Cooper of the Raleigh FireDepartment.

The cameras cost $18,000 apiece. Raleigh has enough now so that firefighters have one onhand wheneverthere is a fire. The cameras are also being used to search for people lostin the woods.


Scott Mason, Reporter
Adrienne Traxinger, Photographer
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