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Man Charged in Sunday Standoff

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RALEIGH — Several residential streets were blocked and some residents were asked to leave their homes near Raleigh's Cameron Village after a six-hour standoff Sunday.

Witnesses told police that a man drove into the Van Dyke Street neighborhood with a 16-year-old girl in the car around 3:45 p.m. Sunday. They say he fired shots into the air, then took the girl inside his apartment.

The standoff took place in a house near Van Dyke and Chamberlain Streets, between Hillsborough Street and Oberlin Streets.

Police tried to coax the couple from the house by phone.

The couple was inside the house for more than six hours, holding police and a SWAT team at bay.

The girl finally came out of the house and yelled at police.She was grabbed by SWAT members who then moved into the house. The man surrendered.

Pedro Espann-Medina, 36, is charged with firing a gun inside a building.

Police still do not know the pair's relationship, or if the girl was there against her will.

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