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Edith Rosenblatt Is A Driving Force Behind Duke Children's Hospital

Posted May 19, 2001 9:45 a.m. EDT

— This weekend, the Duke Children's Classic tees off in Durham. This is the 28th year for the fundraising event. But it is not the longest standing tradition associated with the hospital. That honor goes to one very special lady.

Edith Rosenblatt is like a walking hospital history book.

She has been working here for close to 35 years and has done almost every job imaginable. These days she is in charge of volunteers, but you can find her doing just about anything, including giving actor Kevin Dobson a tour.

"Everyday you walk in here and it makes you glad you're here and working here," she says.

Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and her office is like one giant playroom.

"We have clothes and books and videos and toys and board games," she says.

Even though thousands of kids are treated here every year, Edith knows almost all of them by name.

"Michael, do you want a visitor?" she says, peering into a patient's room.

In 35 years, she has seen massive changes in the facilities and technology, but she says there is one thing that has stayed the same: her desire to make a difference.

"Just to know you touch a child in some way and you can make them smile, (and) every now and then, even for a day or two."