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Fayetteville Children's Museum Proves Fascinating

Posted May 18, 2001 7:54 a.m. EDT

— The Fascinate U Children's Museum has really flourished in its downtown Fayetteville location. In the last year, the number of young visitors has nearly doubled to 30,000.

There are so many hands-on activities for the kids to do that parents like Renee Pea keep bringing their children back for more.

"They get a chance to see how e do things in real life," she says.

It is a learning by doing experience.

"You just know they're learning with what they are doing and they are playing with," says teacher Sue Stevens.

From shopping to showbusiness, most of what is here is for the young kids. Now, the museum wants to expand to include middle-school children.

One exhibit for older kids just opened. They hope to add more on the second floor, but first they must restore it. A new capital campaign will begin this fall.

"We want to go ahead and do something fun for 11-12 and 13 year olds upstairs. We intend to concentrate on technology, physical science, air and space," says Museum Executive Director Susan Daniels.

It is not just local families who are taking the trip downtown. Museum leaders say more and more, they meet families pulling off Interstate 95 to give their children a short break from a long road trip.