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Cary Technology Company Hopes To Fill Void Of Potential IT Workers

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CARY — Thousands of workers may be getting pink slips in the Triangle, but there is still a huge demand for information technology workers in North Carolina and across the country. A Cary technology company is helping to fill the training void.

Global Knowledgetrains 300,000 people a year in 20 countries and 16 languages. Company officials claim the reason for their success is the growing demand for skilled IT workers.

"[There is] the need for another 900,000 people in the information technology fields this year, half of those jobs will go unfilled because these skilled people aren't trained, don't exist and are not available to be hired," says Duncan Anderson, CEO of Global Knowledge.

Training is available on-line, as well as in the classroom, at any time or anywhere. Most of Global Knowledge's students are sent to class by their company.

"For me, it's because I'm fairly new with the company, and I've got a lot of product knowledge to get caught up on," says student Mike Warner.

"The way technology changes and moves forward, you never know it all, so there's always something else to learn," says student Doug McDonald.

This kind of training can be expensive -- up to $30,000 to get certified. However, even individuals are taking part in the program.

"We have individuals calling us up and registering for classes in the interests of re-inventing themselves or certainly upscaling themselves in specialized areas, where they believe they will substantially improve their earning power," Anderson says.

Global Knowledge offers more than 700 courses and employs 1,700. About 400 of them work in the Triangle.

Photographer:John Cox