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Months Later, Wayne Couple Finally Enjoys Christmas Gift

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WALNUT CREEK, N.C. — Can you imagine the feeling when you find the perfect gift for someone, order it, pay for it and then learn that it doesn't arrive in time? A Wayne County couple knows how it feels firsthand.

The wait started last November when Sandy Allen's wife ordered a professional lathe from Sears.com for her husband's Christmas gift.

"That was what he wanted, and I wanted to get him what he wanted," Sandy said.

The lathe cost $960, which included shipping charges.

"I knew I could have it set up in his shop with a big red bow on it. In time for Christmas," Sandy said.

When the lathe did not arrive by mid-December, Allen called Sears. She was told it was at a transport company in Charlotte, and that company would call her to schedule delivery.

When another week passed, Allen called again and got the number for the shipping company.

"I called them on December 20 and they said that they would have it here on December 22," she said.

But, that didn't happen.

"December 22 came and went. No lathe. No phone calls," she said.

The lathe didn't make it for Christmas. Allen didn't feel like she was getting anywhere, so she called Five on Your Side.

Five On Your Side called Sears. A representative immediately called Allen, apologized and promised to send the lathe. When it arrived, the main part was missing.

"I can't really tell you what I was thinking," Allen said.

After Five On Your Side called again, the complete lathe arrived. The Allens said it was worth the wait, and now Sandy's husband, Neil, is practicing for all the projects he's planning.

"There was a point in time when I just really wanted to throw my hands up and say, 'keep the thing,' but he really did want it and he's already enjoying it so I just, you know, had to keep pursuing it," she said.

Because of the inconvenience, Sears credited the Allen's 10-percent of the price, dropped delivery charges and gave them $140 in gift cards.

A Sears spokeswoman told Five On Your Side the mix-up happened because its shipper sub-contracted the delivery. Sears now requires the company to handle its own shipping.

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