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Hemorrhoid Treatment Gets To The Source Of Pain

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NASH COUNTY — Hemorrhoids are so embarrassing to talk about that many people suffer in silence. There are quick and effective ways to treat the problem.

If you have hemorrhoids, it is important to know the options for healing them.

"Pregnant moms and truck drivers seem to have more of a problem with this than the average person, but there is a big population out there that have had hemorroid problems," says Gary Glisson, a compound pharmacist at Ward Drugs in Nash County.

Glisson has one of the most popular word-of-mouth remedies in town.

"Obviously, hemorrhoids is not a problem people discuss openly, but people like pregnant women who are grouped together will discuss some of those more personal issues among themselves," says Glisson.

Patients tell Glisson that the small, rocket-shaped suppository is an effective way of healing hemorrhoids.

"It is generally used for hemorrhoids, it is made in a base that takes six hours to melt. So the patient would insert this at bedtime," says Glisson.

The medicine works while you sleep, shrinking the inflammation.

"That gets the drug to the right place at the right time and takes care of the problem," says Glisson.

The suppositories must be prescribed and prepared by compounding pharmacists.

The most painful part may be asking your doctor or pharmacist about them.

"It is probably not quite as embarrassing as it may seem, but usually we will just have the folks show up at the window of the compounding lab and ask for a solution to a problem of hemorrhoids and it gives us a chance to explain about it," he says.

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