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Parent Claims Son Was Target Of Gang Initiation

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FAYETTEVILLE — One mother says that gang activity at a local middle school has gotten so bad that she is pulling her son out of class at Westover Middle School.

Altonia Dugar claimed her 12-year-old son was attacked after he was approached by members of the Killer Army Crips gang at school.

"I didn't go through this at 12 or 13, and I don't expect my son to go through it at any age," she said.

PTA president Lisa Domaradszki said school administrators know there is a gang problem, but they refuse to admit it.

"They try to play it off and try to cover it up like there is not a problem," she said.

Principal Reginald Ennett said he is unaware of any gang activity.

Although he knows at least one gang member at his school, that is not enough for him to take disciplinary action.

"A child can be a member of a gang, go to school and not get in any trouble at school and the school cannot do anything against that child until he violates a school rule," he said.

If you are concerned that your child may be involved in a gang, police say there are some things you need to look for; slogans on clothing, graffiti on notebooks and colored shoe laces or bandanas. Parents can also pick up Gang Intervention booklet at the Fayetteville Police Department.

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