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Autopsy Report: Researcher Died Of Arsenic Poisoning

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RALEIGH — Eric Miller, a Raleigh researcher, died last year afterbecoming violently ill. His autopsy report says he may have receivedtwo or three doses of arsenic, including at least one while he washospitalized.

The findings show Miller became ill after taking the first doseand went to Rex Hospital.

A second dose either came when he was hospitalized at Rex Hospital or when he was transferred to UNC Hospitals. He may have received athird dose after he was discharged from UNC Hospitals.

Miller first reported getting sick after bowling withhis wife's friend, Derril Williard on Nov. 15.

Warrants indicate Williard offered Miller some beer at the bowlingalley, which Miller said, "tasted funny." After police searched Williard'shome, he was found dead in hisgarage from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Sources say, in the note he left behind, he denied having anything to do with Miller's death.

The autopsy report also says Miller's body has cacodylic acid, the samechemical substancethat was found in his wife's laboratory at Glaxo SmithKline. Both Rex Hospital andUNC Hospitals claim that they do not have thesubstance on their premises.

Miller's wife, Ann, has never been named a suspect in theincident. Raleigh police say the investigation is ongoing, and no one would becharged this week.