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Move Over Viagra! Ladies Can Now Take A Sip Of Niagara

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DURHAM — Move over, Viagra! There isa new drink in town that claims toenhance romance for women.

Niagaratastes like a raspberry winecooler. The product contains caffeine and herbs.

Jessica Lee, marketing director for DPN Enterprises, says you cannotget the same effect fromdrinking any caffeinated drink.

"Some of them are South American herbs that have throughout time have beenknown to be mood enhancers," Lee says. "It personally gives me the warmfuzzies which I love to have. [It] makes you kind of feel like you'resitting under a warm blanket."

Niagara has met all FDA requirements, but it is not for people who haveproblems with caffeine.If you want to try some, "ASeasoned Ticket" restaurant in Durham is the only place in theTriangle area that sells it.