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Sheriff's Officials Thank Volunteers Who Searched for Missing Toddler

Posted July 2, 2007 12:13 a.m. EDT

— It was the ending everyone had hoped for.

A 23-month-old boy missing for more than 24 hours was found safe and sound Saturday evening after wandering away from his house with his dog the night before.

More than 250 volunteers scoured the woods near Connor Cummings’ home hoping to find the young boy. In the end, searchers heard the bark of Connor’s dog, Sandy, which led them to the missing boy.

On Sunday, Granville County Sheriff’s Department officials thanked the community for their outpouring of support and resources.

“You can’t do it on a large-scale basis like this without the community,” said Chief Deputy Brindell Wilkins. “Word spread from neighbor to neighbor and everyone dropped what they were doing and came in and worked.”

Locals offered up their ATVs and expertise.

“You just thank the Lord for people like that,” Wilkins said.

Sheriff’s officials said the cost of the search was minimal. Residents brought food to the search crews, and other agencies provided the helicopters and planes.