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Teens Say Prom Night Is Expensive, But Worth It

Posted May 6, 2001 11:48 a.m. EDT

— Like hundreds of high school students in the area, Westover student Nina Alsbrooks is getting ready for one of the biggest events of the high school year: her prom.

Alsbrooks has been looking forward to her senior prom ever since last September. But getting ready for the big day is no small expense.

"This is my senior prom," she says. "This is important. I'm supposed to go all out [for] my senior prom. I'll always remember this. I want to look like a Princess."

But that comes with a high price.

A prom is not a prom without a fancy upsweep hair-do. That costs $50.00. But there is more.

"The dress and the shoes cost close to $200.00," says Alsbrook.

"The jewelry and the makeup...maybe [about] $250.00. Plus the toes and the nails, probably $300.00. So we're looking at a good $350.00 dollars for everything."

Most students only wear their prom dresses once. Nina's dress and shoes from last year cost about $150.00. They still look new.

"There's only one senior prom. This is it, and I want to make the best of it," she says.

Nina's date, Marvin, spent considerably less.

"This is it right here," he says, holding up a suit. "I paid $81.00 for the whole thing."

Add in a haircut and a pair of shoes, and Marvin paid a grand total of $120.00, just a third of what Nina spent. But both students agree: for a night that only comes once in a lifetime, it is worth it.