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Moms March In Raleigh, Urge Gun Law Reforms

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RALEIGH — Around 600 people turned out for a Million Moms March in downtown RaleighSaturday to push for gun reform.

They gathered at the State Capitol to decry what they called "an epidemicof gun violence" in North Carolina.

Organizers read off the names of 94 children, age 17 or younger, who havebeen shot to death in North Carolina since 1999.

They placed 94 white roses in a basket to represent the slain.

The Million Moms have grown to seven chapters with thousands of membersstatewide since the movement began last year.

Members say they are not against guns but are for sensible, responsiblegun ownership.

"We are very much looking forward to a time when we can send our childrento school without fear of gun violence, that we can send ourchildren to friends and relatives homes without fear that they willget their precious little hands on a handgun," says member MarciaOwens.

About a hundred people from Grass Roots North Carolina staged acounter-protest. They disagreed with the statistics that the Million Momsput out, but both protests were peaceful.


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