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Habitat Wants To Spread Word Of Home Ownership To Hispanic Families

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RALEIGH — Every year, hundreds of low-income familiesdiscover home ownership throughHabitatfor Humanity. However, one segment of the population that coulduse the organization's help is not getting it.

Reyna Sanchez says she heard of Habitat throughword of mouth, but for many in the Hispaniccommunity, something is getting lost in thetranslation. Of the 150 Habitat homes in Wake County, only twoare owned by Hispanic families.

"I'm not seeing a high-level of recognitionfor the Habitat name and logo among the Hispaniccommunity, believe it or not, even though it's aninternational organization," says Lara Cely ofHabitat of Wake County.

The staff at Habitat of Wake County wants to change that.They are encouraging Hispanic groups, churchesand businesses to get the word out.

Sanchez is also helping the cause. She talked to her oldestdaughter, Marisol, about trying to get a house from Habitat.

"We're just getting started. We have one yearthat we're married, and so without Habitat, wewouldn't be able to get a house," Marisol says.

Habitat's Cinco de Mayo celebration takes place Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4p.m. at the Habitat ReuseCenter on Alwin Court in Raleigh.