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Fayetteville Church's Growth Makes Neighbor Uneasy

Posted May 2, 2001 10:10 a.m. EDT

— Alda Davis is proud of her home sweet home of 15 years. "This is my little plot of land in the world," she says.

That is why she is concerned about her neighbor across the street at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church. She fears the growing sanctuary will one day squeeze her out.

"I feel like they are taking over more than two blocks of Haymount," Davis says.

Close to two thousand people are members at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church, and that number grows every week. Snyder Memorial has become one of Fayetteville's largest churches.

"We've outgrown some of our facilities and we want to continue to minister effectively to people and we want to continue doing that," says Pastor David Crocker. Crocker.

Over the past twenty years, Snyder Memorial has purchased more than a dozen homes to make way for a new administrative space, a new fellowship hall, and a parking lot. But Pastor Crocker says he is not in the business of forcing people from their homes.

"It's our desire to be good neighbors to all of our neighbors."

Davis says it may be too late for that.

"It's not what I bought into when I bought here in Haymount," she says.