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Robot Mower To Be Test-Marketed In Garner

Posted May 2, 2001 9:45 a.m. EDT

— A new mower from Toro is quiet, environmentally-friendly and it is on the cutting edge. IMow is a robotic lawn mower that promises to make your neighbors green with envy.

"You could be doing something else while the Imow is cutting your grass," says Leigh Hudson, of Hudson Hardware in Garner.

It works like this. You set up a wire around the perimeter of your lawn, pop in a charged battery pack and let it go.

It follows that perimeter wire twice and then starts zig-zagging back across the yard within that perimeter until it finishes your yard.

Unfortunately, your yard might not be suited for this mower. It is only good for a small, flat yard with few obstacles.

"We had at least two people come in that wanted to mow four to six acres with it, maybe buy four to six of these things in the hopes it would mow the large yard, but it's really not designed for that," says Hudson.

What it is designed to do is save people time and energy. And you can help determine if it does just that.

IMow is being test-marketed here and in 3-other cities. That means you could help decide if it goes nationwide, or if IMow's life is cut short.

Hands-free mowing does not come cheap. The I-Mow sells for $899.