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Fayetteville Teens Working To Make Prom Night Safer

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FAYETTEVILLE — Proms are a rite of passage at high schoolsacross the country. AtFayetteville's brand new Jack Britt High, students are looking at thisprom as a new beginning, and using a news story with a tragic end to gettheir point across.

Two months ago, after a prom in Sampson County, three boys from MidwayHigh School set out for the beach. They had a car accident, and JustinGainey and Adam Jackson died.

Allaina Nielsen is telling this sad prom ending over and over again.

"We want you to remain safe, be extra cautious, and just have fun on promnight," she says. "When you make the pledge it's trying to tell you to make a moralcommitment to others, just to try."

Troopers say the boys from Midway High were speeding when their car hit autility pole.

Although it happened a county away, the Prom Promise Committee wants it tohit here - close to home.

"It can happen to anyone of us too...so I [just don't want it tohappen here]," says student Natasha Tajman.

"I just look at it as an opportunity to do the right thing," saysPrincipal Conrad Lopes. Our kids have taken the active role in making sure the rightthing is done."

This is a promise no one wants to see broken.

Jack Britt's prom is next Saturday. Over 75 percent of the senior classsigned the Prom Promise.

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