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Litter Continues To Pile Up On State's Roadways

Posted April 30, 2001 10:02 a.m. EDT

— North Carolina is known as the "Good Roads State," but some people say the state's roadways are nothing but a trashy mess.

Carl Davis, a street maintenance worker for the city of Raleigh, has dealt with what people throw out for 11 years. He says the trash is getting worse and worse.

"By the time we walk down the street, about the time when you look back, there'll be trash back out there again," he says. "You just can't get ahead, and you are never going to keep it clean anyway."

Benny Peterson, Davis' partner, also has all the roadway trash he can handle. He says some drivers are just plain rude.

"The only time you probably get frustrated is when you're walking along and just been along there, and you look back and somebody throw a paper out their car," he says. "You might get a little warm about it, but you go ahead on."

More than 40,000 volunteers just participated in the DOT's annual "Litter Sweep," but many areas are still covered with garbage.

Motorists and pedestrians may report incidents of litter law violations to the DOT by calling1-800-331-5864, mailing a complaint, or e-mailingSwat-A-Litterbug report cards.

Upon receipt of the completed report card, the Office of Beautification Programs will notify the owner that such a violation may involve a penalty of $1,000.