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Coaches, Athletic Officials Gather To Discuss The Meaning Of Sportsmanship

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CHAPEL HILL — Do sports build character or reveal it?Current and former college players andcoaches tried to answer that questionMonday in Chapel Hill.

Coaches and athletes agree the lessons we learn in sports go far beyondthe fields and courts where the games are played.

"In the passionate pursuit of victory, oneof the most important lessons you can teach ishow to lose." says Michael Josephson of the Character Counts Coalition.

Coaches and athletic directors from around the state gathered at UNC to talkabout pursuing victory with honor.

"If you display bad behavior and youcontinue to show it and nobody ever saysanything to you, especially as a coach, you'll continue to display itthe rest of your life," says Dale Smith, an athletic director fromRaleigh.

As a father, actor and former USC athlete Tom Selleck believes the bestlessons learned in sports are those that makestudent athletes better citizens.

"I want her to learn as much about or more aboutfailure and how it's a stepping stone tosuccess than winning or success," he says. "If you win allthe time, you really don't learn anything."

In an online survey by theInstitutefor International Sport, 68 percent of respondents thinkparents do not show good sportsmanship whilewatching their children play.

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