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South Granville H.S. Student-Athlete Wins Extra Effort Award

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GRANVILLE COUNTY — South Granville High School's Johnny Overton is considered by many to bean all-around student-athlete.

Overton is an all-conference basketball player, who also plays firstbase on the Vikings' baseballteam.

"He is a tremendous defensive player for us. He plays first base, andhemakes play after play for us," says baseball coach KenMay. "He's hitting close to .300, and with his leadership on the field andin the dugout, he is an all-around student-athlete."

Scholastically, Overton ranks No. 1 in the senior class. He also has aSAT score of over 1500.

Paul Ossman, a teacher at South Granville High School, says Overton isa very solid person.

"He is very consistent and excels beyond anything I can expect," hesays. "He is just an exceptional, young man, and he does it so veryhumbly."

Overton says he always works hard to finish his assignments on time andkeep his grades up, despite having a busy schedule.

"Sometimes, it can be tough when we are practicing orplaying every single day. I just budget my time to get everythingin," he says. "I give my best for everything. I never want to give lessthan my best. I want to be the best I can be."

Johnny Overton is this week's winner of the Extra Effort Award.

Tom Suiter's Extra Effort award airs Wednesdays during WRAL's 6:00News.

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