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Protect Information On Your Computer By Getting A Firewall

Posted April 30, 2001 10:05 a.m. EDT

— If you are considering high-speed Internet access such as a cable modem or digital subscriber line, you should also get serious about protecting the information on your computer by looking at a firewall.

Firewalls are software programs that can be used to detect if someone is trying to access files on your computer. A firewall blocks out any unauthorized traffic as well as permits authorized traffic to pass through.

"[Your computer] is potentially a target if you have your personal finance information on there, or anything else that may be sensitive to you," says Jamie Wohlschelegel, a computer security consultant.

Firewalls are available online for $30 or $40. In some cases, you can get firewalls for your computer for free.

Hardware solutions come in the form of special routers for use when more than one computer is hooked to the Internet. Another way to protect yourself if you have high-speed Internet access is by turning off your computer when you finish using it.