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Darryl's Set To Reopen in Raleigh on Monday

Posted May 14, 2001 8:57 a.m. EDT

— Darryl's Restaurant is a landmark in downtown Raleigh, so when it was closed by the Health Department last year, a lot of people were surprised. But after undergoing almost $750,000 in renovations, the popular eatery is about to reopen.

The difference is notable to anyone who walks through the doors -- a lighter and brighter look with new paint, new floors, even new glasses. But the changes are more than cosmetic.

"All the equipment is brand new," says Alan Gaylin, corporate vice president.

New is definitely the operative word behind the major renovation of the oldest Darryl's Restaurant in the chain. From the kitchen to the dining room to the bar area, the 31-year-old restaurant has new drain lines, new plumbing, brand new equipment from the ground up.

In addition, the restaurant has a shiny, clean feel that is dramatically different from the Darryl's WRAL toured after Wake County health inspectors closed it last October.

At that time, the restaurant scored a 63 on its sanitation grade, well below the 70 or "C" grade needed to stay open. Among the violations: dangerous food temperatures, the dishwasher not sanitizing, and bugs breeding in a stove.

Seven months later, the people behind the scenes know it could be an uphill battle to bring business back.

"You learn some lessons, you raise your standards, you train harder. You do a better job at some of the things we didn't do," says Gaylin.

Gaylin says that is why along with overhauling the building, the company brought in new management and staff, all trained under a rigorous new program.

"To the people out there I say, 'Come look at what we've done, and the proof will be there,'" Gaylin says.

The restaurant has its operating permit but will not receive a sanitation grade for a couple of weeks. Gaylin is not is concerned about it.

"I guarantee you we'll have an 'A,'" Gaylin says.

Darryl's reopens Monday at 4 p.m.