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MSN Agrees To Reimburse Computer Users For Costly Internet Glitch

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RALEIGH — TheMicrosoft Network(MSN) has agreedto pay back dozens of peoplewho received huge Internet phone bills by mistake.

An investigation from Five On Your Side last month looked into aMSNglitchthat caused users to be billed long distance charges forInternet access. GabrielleSchmidt is just one of nearly80 MSN customers who were shocked by last month'sphone bills.

"My phone bill was $520," she says.

Combined, complainants were billed more than $13,000 inunexpected charges.

For about a month when the Wake County customersaccessed the Internet, they were routed to a long distance Chapel Hillnumber -- a number they did not know they had been switched to.

John Bason, a spokesman for the North Carolina Department of Justice, saysthe situation definitely needs to be addressed.

"There certainly is a problem. What is yetto be determined is what that problem is, whosefault it is, and what's going to happen as aresult of it," he says.

Microsoft is telling the Attorney General's office that the error wastheirs and agreed to pay back consumers. Any MSN customers who wereerroneously billed must file a complaint with the Attorney General'soffice at919-716-6000.

You will need to include copies of phonebills, screen shots from their computers and letters of explanation inyour complaint.


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