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State Awaits Green Light Approval For Red Light Cameras

Posted April 26, 2001 6:46 a.m. EDT

— Seventy-six percent of drivers surveyed in the Triangle support cameras that catch red light runners. Despite all the support, the state House just killed a bill that would have allowed the cameras in Wake County.

TheGeneral Assemblyis still sharply divided on whether to allow red light cameras in more North Carolina cities.

Rep. Bob Hensley (D-Wake) says when private companies run the red light ticketing operations, they reap most of the profits taking money away from local governments.

Hensley helped kill a House bill to allow the cameras in Wake County. State Senator Brad Miller (D-Raleigh) is co-sponsor of a red light camera bill pending in the Senate.

"At least two to three times in any short trip, I end up slapping my forehead at the insane things done in traffic," he says. "Anything we can do within reason that will make the roads safer, I'm all for."

Fayetteville received approval from the General Assembly and installed red light cameras in March 2000. Charlotte and Wilmington also operates a red light camera system.