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Fort Bragg Parent Upset Over Base's School Dress Code Policy

Posted April 25, 2001 3:12 a.m. EDT

— The military is well known for its dress code, but a Fort Bragg mom is upset over the base's policy.

All students who go to school on post must wear blue, red, or white shirts and khaki or dark blue pants. Marena Groll says the dress code policy strips her son of his First Amendment rights.

"We can literally drape our children in red white and blue in school uniforms, and then suggest these practices that are so un-American," she says. "It's very offensive to suggest to a parent that only military base chaplain has the authority to validate your morality."

The superintendent will make exceptions only for medical and religious reasons. All religious requests must be cleared through the post's chaplain.

Groll says she does not want her son to have special treatment. She just wants him to have options.

"We simply want him to be able to get up in the morning and be able to dress in blue, green, yellow, red -- whatever color suits his mood," she says.

An example of a religious exception would be for a child who is Muslim or Jewish and wanted to wear special headgear or clothes.

Col. Tad Davis, Fort Bragg city manager, says he is not aware of any child this year who asked for an exception to the dress code policy based on religious reasons.