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'Idol' Performer Makes Local Relatives Proud

Posted February 22, 2006 11:53 a.m. EST

— With Fantasia and Clay Aiken as natives, North Carolina has a good track record on "American Idol". Now, David Radford has connected with American Idol judges, and hopes that America greets him with the same enthusiasm.

Brad Swearingen is David's uncle. He said his nephew comes from a close-knit family where singing is a way of life.

"My sister is a really good singer," said Brad. "She just has a beautiful voice, and she sings with her kids."

"It's very strange, because you think of all the Idols and, 'Wow, what a cool life they must have,' and then you think, 'It's David,'" said Brad's wife Susan Swearingen.

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    Brad is now working on his nephew's official online fan club, but there are plenty of Web sites already singing David's praises, and it has nothing to do with his voice.

    "A lot of teenage girls have set up their own websites, talking about how cute he is and how hot he is, how they wish he was their boyfriend," said Susan. "So, it's funny to be able to see that."

    As always, America gets to decide who will be the next American Idol. But David's uncle is already making a bold prediction.

    "I think he's going to the Top 12, then I think he's going all the way," said Brad.

    Two other men with Tar Heel ties also made the Top 24 -- Bucky Covington and Chris Daughtry. Two of the 12 women are from the Tar Heel State. Kellie Pickler and Heather Cox performed on Tuesday night.

    Only the top 20 finalists get to compete next week.

    Be sure to tune into WRAZ Fox-50 Thursday night at 8 p.m. to find out who will move on to the next round.