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Unilever Recycling Program Helps Parks

Posted April 24, 2001 10:24 a.m. EDT

— If you do not think recycling can make a difference, think again. It certainly does at Unilever.

Unilever normally produces and packs home products for everyday use, but they also build benches made out of recycled plastic from their company's detergent containers.

"Recycling helps our environment," explains a Unilever worker as she helps to assemble a park bench.

And it helps our national parks. The visitor benches made by Unilever employees are headed to The Fort Sumter National Monument in Charleston South Carolina. They not only save the park service money, but valuable resources as well.

"If we keep taking and taking there isn't going to be anything left for our future generations as we talk about so often in the park service," says Fort Sumter Chief Park Ranger Fran Norton.

Unilever has been a partner of the National Park Foundation for seven years.

Through their recycling at work efforts, they have donated more than 10 million dollars in benches, boardwalks and bridges.

"The savings for us as a company and the environment in general is several hundred thousand dollars a year," says Plant Manager Steve Kullberg.

For several employees volunteering on their day off is worth a day for the parks.

"I think the first thing is [to] lead by example. If someone starts it will be a fever that will catch on," says Unilever employee Evan Davenport.